Our ancestors had it right with the carnivore diet.

Nutrient rich, zero carbs, and remarkable benefits—Dr. Paul Saladino explains the carnivore diet so that you can achieve optimal health, performance, and longevity.

Paul Saladino

Advice you can trust

“Dr. Paul Saladino is driving an incredibly compelling carnivore diet movement, with a thoughtful and measured presentation that compels everyone to pay close attention. With Paul’s broad experience in both traditional and functional medicine, he is able to embrace the big picture of healing and achieve breakthrough results.

Mark Sisson

NYT bestselling author of the Primal Blueprint, and Keto Reset founder of marksdailyapple.com

“Paul Saladino is, by far, one of the most brilliant new minds in the health and nutrition sector. This guy is the real deal. He is well researched, practices what he preaches, and has a passion to dig for the ultimate truth. I can’t recommend him or his work highly enough.”

Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield

NYT bestselling author, voted America's top personal trainer

“Paul is an extraordinary out of the box thinker. He has deeply researched the science and provides some compelling arguments that challenge conventional nutritional wisdom regarding the need for eating plants to achieve optimal health.”

Dr Mercola

Dr Mercola

Multiple time NYT bestselling author, founder of Mercola.com

“Paul extols the benefits of carnivorous eating and backs it up fully with science. He’s done the hard work and fact-finding so you don’t have to. As a functional medicine physician, he looks at human health from all angles. He’s got this one covered in “The Carnivore Code: Unlocking the Secrets to Optimal Health by Returning to Our Ancestral Diet.”

Dave Asprey

CEO of Bulletproof and leading biohacker

“Paul Saladino is a bright thinker who has a unique ability to present the complex science surrounding diet and nutrition in an understandable way. In The Carnivore Code and his work he does just that, showing us the compelling research supporting the many benefits of a carnivore diet. If you are looking to optimize your health you need to read this book, you won’t be disappointed! “

Robb Wolf

2x NYT best selling author of the Paleo Solution and Wired to Eat

Fundamental Health Podcast

Fundamental Health Podcast

This podcast is the result of my relentless search to understand the roots of chronic disease. If you want to know how to live the most radical life possible I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

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What My Clients Say

Working with Paul has been one of the best medical decisions my husband and I have made. He’s extremely knowledgeable, up to date with current research and always stays curious. We are experiencing health gains in all areas: energy, weight loss, improvement in my autoimmune issues and overall health improvements! He’s provided answers where standard medical professionals were not able to do so.

Pamela Voss

Pamela V.

I have always been interested in ancestral eating, and was blown away by the level of insight I’ve received from Dr. Paul. His targeted approach provided me with a detailed roadmap to now thrive on a keto/carnivore diet. My results have been fantastic, and I now see him as a guide in my own health journey going forward.

Ian Vanderberg

Ian V.

Dr. Saladino’s deep understanding of nutrition and nutritional research sets him apart from most other practitioners. He incorporates his training in Functional Medicine for the prevention and reversal of chronic disease. Dr. Saladino also spends the time necessary to really get to know his clients and understand their situation, including comprehensive bloodwork. My first appointment with him was over 1 ½ hours! At 63 years of age I am in the best shape of my life. I am thankful to have Dr. Saladino as my doctor!

Terry B.

My health problems (gut, autoimmune, fatigue) took a serious turn for the worse. After working with Dr. Paul, things have totally turned around! Read his posts. He’s constantly going through research and furthering his education on his own time and was able to provide me options when conventional (and even some naturopathic) doctors had no idea what to do with me.

David G.

Dr. Saladino is extremely familiar with the literature and is a great myth debunker. He’s made sure that I had a complete understanding of my labs and has put me at ease where some (lipid) values were elevated as he’s looked at the totality of my results rather than focusing in on only the elevated Total and LDL Cholesterol numbers. At 68 years of age, I feel the best I have in the last thirty years, reversing metabolic syndrome and losing 65 pounds. Deciding to work with him has been one of the best moves I’ve made to improve my health. I highly recommend working with him. 5 stars for sure.

Charles T.

“Working with Dr. Saladino I was able to totally dial in my diet from a macro/micronutrient perspective and am now feeling better than ever. This guy is the real deal, he walks the talk, and is relentless with his research. Approachable, kind, and great at explaining everything to me- working with him has been an incredible investment in my health.

Tanner W.