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Dr. Paul Saladino is the leading authority on the carnivore diet. Best selling author of The Carnivore Code, host of the Fundamental Health Podcast, and Founder of Heart + Soil

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Heart & Soil

Heart & Soil

Eating well raised animal foods from nose to tail provides us with all of the vitamins, minerals, peptides, and nutrients we need to thrive. Organs are truly the ultimate multivitamin.

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Paul Saladino - Heart & Soil
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The Carnivore Code

In Paul’s best-selling book, he explains how the carnivore diet offers a host of scientifically proven benefits, such as reduced inflammation, better sleep, reduced joint pain, weight loss, and improved mental clarity.

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The Carnivore Code 2nd Edition

Fundamental Health Podcast

Throughout my training and practice as a physician I have come to one very disappointing conclusion:  Western medicine isn’t helping people lead better lives. This podcast is the result of my relentless search to understand the roots of chronic disease and how to correct them.I hope you’ll join me on this journey to discover how to live the most radical life possible. 

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The Doctors

Why I recommend the Carnivore Diet. 

Hear me break down the reasons I believe a carnivore diet can be so helpful for people from my episode of the Doctors TV. To watch my response to the full episode click the link below.


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Paul extols the benefits of carnivorous eating and back it with science. He’s done the hard work and fact finding so you don’t have to. He’s got the carnivore diet covered in his book.

Dave Asprey CEO of Bulletproof

Paul is one of the most brilliant minds in health and nutrition. His work is well-researched and he practices what he preaches. Paul is the real deal.

Ben Greenfield NYT bestselling author, voted America's top personal trainer

Paul has deeply researched the science of the carnivore diet. He challenges conventional wisdom that you need to eat plants to achieve optimal health.

Dr. Mercola Multiple time NYT bestselling author, founder of

Dr. Paul Saladino is driving an incredibly compelling carnivore diet movement, with a thoughtful and measured presentation that compels everyone to pay close attention.

Mark Sisson NYT bestselling author of the Primal Bluerprint

“Paul Saladino is a bright thinker who has a unique ability to present the complex science surrounding diet and nutrition in an understandable way.

Robb Wolf 2x NYT best selling author of the Paleo Solution
and Wired to Eat