Ivermectin: Horse dewormer or lifesaving intervention for COVID-19, with Pierre Kory, MD

Pierre Kory is an American critical care physician who gained attention during the COVID-19 pandemic for advocating widespread off-label use of certain drugs as treatments for COVID-19, as president and co-founder of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC). Kory testified twice to the U.S. Senate regarding COVID-19. During his testimony in December 2020, Kory erroneously claimed that the antiparasitic medication ivermectin was a “wonder drug” with “miraculous effectiveness” against COVID-19

Time Stamps:

0:14:55 Podcast begins

0:15:35 What does Pierre Kory do?

0:17:55 The breaking point that Pierre is at with the medical system

0:24:05 As a front line medical worker, what does the demographic look like for the patients in the ICU?

0:26:55 Effective preventative measures everyone can do right now (before they are ever exposed to COVID)

0:35:05 What level does Pierre Kory prefer his patients vitamin D levels be at?

0:36:25 The safety of Ivermectin

0:44:35 How effective is Ivermectin against COVID?

0:54:35 What is the current Ivermectin dosage Pierre recommends?

0:59:10 At-home nebulizers or glutathione

1:02:00 Covid cases, surges, and deaths

1:09:25 The protocol for those who get COVID

1:19:40 The boards of social media are populated by people who have financial interest in pharmaceuticals

1:28:30 There are case-specific circumstances when plants can be used as medicine

1:31:45 Protocols for individuals with long-haul COVID

1:42:55 Pierre’s experience with the carnivore diet


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