Why I don’t worry about my cholesterol

Today, Paul shares why he does not feel that his elevated LDL is a problem and why you may reconsider your doctor’s suggestion that your elevated LDL cholesterol is too high. He also explains how to become insulin sensitive.

Time Stamps:

00:09:58 Podcast begins

00:12:45 Fish consumption linked with melanoma

00:17:22 The sun is not harmful to humans 

00:18:25 What is cholesterol?

00:31:33 Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome

00:34:15 Why Paul doesn’t worry about his “elevated“ LDL

00:36:40 LDL does not injure the endothelium of our cells

00:39:30 How do we know if we are insulin sensitive/insulin resistant?

00:40:30 Cases of atherosclerosis without elevated LDL

00:58:50 Lipids & the immune system

1:00:00 Foods for healthy cholesterol and insulin sensitivity 

1:01:30 Testimonial on removing seed oils


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