The Carnivore Code

Fact checked by Paul Saladino, MD

The Carnivore MD himself. Relentlessly researching connections between nutritional biochemistry and chronic disease when he's not in the ocean chasing the perfect wave.

It’s coming, and it’s radical!

My goal with this book is to provide the ultimate resource for those interested in the science behind the carnivore diet and guidance for how to follow the carnivore diet in order to achieve optimal health.

I discuss our ancestral origins as hunters, and how eating animals made us human. I go into detail about plant toxins of all types, where they are found, and how to avoid these toxins. I also discuss the superiority of animal foods in terms of nutrient bioavailability, and I debunk all of the myths about animal foods being bad for us or bad for the environment. At the end of the book, I provide a detailed guide for eating a nose to tail carnivore diet, and I discuss how to avoid the common pitfalls. As a bonus, there are sample meal plans, starter recipes (the cookbook is in the works too!), and resources for obtaining high quality animal foods. The Carnivore Code has everything you need to deeply understand and implement the carnivore diet your ancestors thrived on for the last 4 million years!

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