Why now is the worst time to be a Vegan/Vegetarian/Pescatarian ever with Evan Brand

Evan Brand, CFMP, FNTP. Energetic, dedicated, precise, and stubbornly addicted to helping people feel better through functional medicine and creatively crafted and scientifically proven protocols that he’s used to tackle his own health struggles and thousands of clients and practitioners around the world.

Time Stamps:

00:09:03 Why did Paul move to Costa Rica?

00:11:08 Building out Heart & Soil and how the supplements are made

00:15:17 Descending order of priority of organ meats

00:18:22 Risk of foodborne illness with raw organs

00:25:33 Should I eat my organ meats raw or cooked?

00:35:11 Paul’s backstory: medical school, his previous raw vegan diet, and social media

00:39:03 Can you build muscle on a vegan diet?

00:44:03 Paul’s history with eczema and asthma

00:50:13 Eating muscle meat only versus eating muscle meat and organs

00:52:13 Paul’s philosophy shift from advocating for a no carb diet to adding back in fruit and honey and SHBG levels

00:59:03 Sympathetic responses from a ketogenic diet

1:02:53 Insulin resistance and food combining

1:06:13 Linoleic acid and seed oils in a caloric deficit 

1:14:10 Paul’s daily routine, workflow and productivity blocks

1:17:30 Psychological penalty of certain foods and alcohol

1:18:08 Paul’s sleep hygiene

1:22:23 Intermittent fasting and eating windows

1:25:53 Thoughts on EMF and Wifi

1:30:03 Paul’s relationship + collaboration with Liver King

1:34:13 Plant compounds for medicinal purposes

1:44:25 Paul’s thoughts on NAD and insulin resistance

1:47:13 Paul’s thoughts on Metaformin

1:54:03 Reversal + treatment of diabetes

2:03:33 Healing alopecia areata through diet changes

2:07:15 Why do some people get autoimmune issues, and some don’t?

2:28:33 Paul’s thoughts on LDL cholesterol and what to look for in terms of risk factors for heart disease

2:44:03 Benefits of fruit and fresh versus frozen 

2:48:03 Where to get all vitamins on an animal based diet

2:52:03 How does Paul get the highest quality water?

2:42:42 Paul’s thoughts on biohacking

2:54:48 How can people hit high-carbohydrate needs or build muscle on an animal based diet

2:58:48 Paul’s thoughts on specific cases of high LDL


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